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Welcome. This Areyto Latin Dance Studio is on hold.



Areyto was a Latin Dance Studio for children and adults.  We specialized in Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and other Carribean ( Cuban and Puerto Rican ) dances.

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Sandi Rodriguez who has been the owner of this Latin Dance Studio is currently in Florida. The Salsa Dance Studio is closed but I am keeping this website up in case she returns and wants to re-open the studio. I hope Sandi does return because she is a great Salsa dancer!


Please visit my primary website or secondary website.  I have several other Dance Studio website customers in CT and the greater Hartford/Springfield MA area.

I am a website designer and I also record and produce video.  I know this website is becomming a little old, but changes will have to wait until Sandi returns or wants to open a studio in Florida.  In the meantime, please visit some of my other customers, below.

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